Crew Declaration Form

The submission of this crew declaration is mandatory and must be received two weeks prior to the event. All crew declarations will be posted online prior to the event, and subject to review by the ISAF and confirmed by the International Melges 32 Class Association.

Name ISAF Group ISAF ID No. ISAF Expiration
1. (Helmsman)*

Only one approved substitute or relief helmsman can be nominated/designated to relieve an owner (or, a primary helmsman) at the helm at any time during a Melges 32 event. If a team, does not nominate/designate an approved substitute or relief helm at the time of submitting the crew declaration, then the boat will not sail, should the owner or primary helmsman nominated/designated for the event be unable to helm. Substitute or relief, alternate helms will not be accepted once racing has commenced.

Name ISAF Group ISAF ID No. ISAF Expiration
2. (Tactician)
Series Regatta*
Yacht Name* Hull No.
Owner/Team Rep. Name* Sail No.*
Owner/Team Rep. E-Mail* Owner/Team Rep. Phone No.*

I declare that the above listed crew members, fully comply with the International Melges 32 Class Rules and carry the proper ISAF Sailor Classification. I have included all Group 1 and Group 3 ISAF Sailor Classification numbers and expiration dates. I also confirm that their classification is valid as stated online at the ISAF’s website.

If you have questions or require further assistance with submitting race documentation for a Melges 32 regatta, please contact the International Melges 32 Class Association via e-mail.

For additional, specific information or assistance, please contact the fleet secretary closest to you: Australia, Europe or North America.